Pesky Insects in Maui

Yes, even paradise has a few insects of its own. Around Maui, there are a few insects that you need to be aware of when you go there for your next vacation.

The worst insect seen around Maui is the centipede. These little bugs can be as long as six inches or even longer. They are not timid bugs and you really do not want to mess with one if you see one. They are aggressive and more than likely if you have the desire to pester one you will be walking away from the fight with a very painful sting that can be similar to a bee sting or even as painful as a gunshot. The best thing to do is to leave them alone. If you do happen to get stung by a centipede you can use meat tenderizer or the locals have their own remedy, which is to say intoxicated for three days.

You may even get a chance to see a can spider. These ugly creatures are not dangerous however; they love to chase after things that are quite a bit larger than them such as humans. Do not worry you will notice one if you see it. They are large, black, and very fast. The worse part about these creatures is their looks. They look worse than their bite.

In south Maui, you may encounter some very tiny pesky bugs that sound like rain as they swarm around your vehicle or even your body. These little bugs are known as midges, they are quite harmless however, and they are similar to gnats that like to fly up your nose and even in your eyes.

Most of us already know all about mosquitoes, they love to bite usually when the sun goes down and we are trying to enjoy the sunset. Of course, the best thing to ward off these bugs is to use an insect repellant. The best has DEET as an active ingredient. You may read that some people claim that taking B12 will keep them away, however, do not rely on this old wives tale. Use an insect repellant with DEET or stay close by plants such as Citrosa. Mosquitoes do not like this plant at all and for once, they are the ones being irritated. Okay, if you trust old wives tales and you are a smoker, then you will be happy to know a little secret. Just break up a cigarette and place the tobacco on the bite with a tad of water, just enough to hold it in place. Once the tobacco is dry, the itching should be gone.

Yes, of course, there are bees and wasps in Maui, however, you will notice more on the drier leeward sides of the island and in the Haleakala Crater. You should use the same common sense you do at home to avoid being stung. Bees and wasps in Maui are not aggressive but if you grab one or one hits you while riding in a convertible or motorcycle you will more than receive a sting. Old wives tales have a good remedy for bee stings and that is using baking soda on the sting. It should draw out the poison and relieve the pain a bit.

If you do not like cockroaches, you are like most people. Well, you cannot get away from them by visiting Maui. There are cockroaches here, they can be bigger than your thumb, and they can fly. However, there may be cockroaches here, but the gecko’s love eating them for dinner so more than likely you will not even see one.

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