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23rd Annual Maui Slack-Key Guitar Festival June 2014
There are a lot of stories and theories on how Slack-Key guitar style came to be in Hawaii. The most popular story is that the guitar was introduced to local island cowboys (paniolo) by Mexican and Spanish cowboys in the 19th century. When the paniolo tried to play their traditional songs and chants incorporating the guitar, they developed this unique form as it felt more traditional.

A guide to Kauai, Hawaii
Kauai- Land of Beginnings. Kauai is the least visited, but one of the most interesting and beautiful islands in all of the major Hawaiian islands. As home to “the wettest spot on earth”, the island is popularly called “The Garden Isle”. Kauai’s highest peak – Mount Wai’ale’ale- averages 485 inches of rain a year (that’s over 40 feet!!!). But another name, an older name in Polynesia, is “The Separate Kingdom”.

A Guide to Packing for Maui
If you are getting ready for a trip to Maui , you should of course know what type of items you should pack.

A Guide to South Maui Golf Courses
Golf in South Maui is a real treat if you play early in the morning or if you do not mind windy conditions.

A Review of the Gold Courses in Maui
Yes, believe it or not there are some mighty awesome golf courses on Maui. The wind does play a factor in your golf game but if you are prepared you may just enjoying golf better here than any place else on earth.

Accommodation Options in Oahu
Are you looking to make your next vacation a Hawaiian one? If so, there is a good chance that you may be looking to vacation in Oahu. Oahu is most well-known for its beautiful beaches and amazing nightlife.

Activities for the Outdoor Enthusiasts in Maui
There is so much to see and do on the island of Maui. This beautiful Hawaiian hot spot boasts some of the most sought after views and activities so it is no wonder that many outdoor enthusiasts choose to vacation in Maui. Whether one is looking to take part in water sports or would like to engage in land adventures, Maui is the place to go for both.

Beach Safety in Maui
Everyone travels to Hawaii for its beautiful sandy beaches and tropical weather; however, many do not realize that Maui is considered the Ocean Island. Maui has more user-friendly beaches than all of the Hawaiian Islands, so if experiencing tropical paradise in terms of beaches then Maui should be your destination.

Best of the Best in West Maui
If you do not have the time to discover all of West Maui, there are a few most popular things to do that you must not miss. The list of the best of the best in West Maui includes,

Central and Upcountry Golf Courses
Many people do not venture off to other golf course, but they are missing a treat especially to their wallet. Of course, you may not be against the shoreline or at a resort but the golf courses are just as great away from the fancy resorts.


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